Universe Today Podcasts With Fraser Cain

847: Can ISS Be Recycled, Artificial Meteor Storms, Can Hubble See JWST | Q&A 188



In this week's questions and answers show, I explain why most quasars are very far away, consider what would happen if you brought Pluto into the inner Solar System, and deliver the heartbreaking news of why the ISS won't be recycled. 00:00 Start 01:25 [Tatooine] Can quasars appear anywhere in the Universe? 04:35 [Coruscant] What if you brought Pluto into the inner Solar System? 07:13 [Hoth] Why can't the ISS be recycled? 11:22 [Naboo] Why don't we see objects repeating in the Universe? 13:17 [Kamino] What lies beyond the observable universe? 15:54 [Bespin] Could an asteroid push the Earth into the Sun? 18:45 [Mustafar] Are dust storms a threat to Mars settlers? 21:14 [Alderaan] Could a solar gravitational lens help detect technological civilizations? 23:06 [Dagobah] Would an asteroid strike on another planet be a risk to Earth? 23:59 [Yavin] Could the moon of a gas giant be habitable? 25:32 [Mandalore] What do I think about NASA's UAP study? 29:04 [Geonosis] Could you create an artificial meteor storm? 30:22