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850: Medical Emergencies on the ISS, White Dwarf VS Red Dwarf, True Color of SLS | Q&A 189



In this week's Questions and Answers show, I explain how astronauts are trained to deal with medical emergencies if the Universe is expanding smoothly or chaotically, and what would survive longer, a white dwarf or a red dwarf? 00:00 Start 01:34 [Tatooine] What if there's a medical emergency on the ISS? 04:13 [Coruscant] Could we see before the Big Bang? 09:28 [Hoth] Are there stars below the Earth too? 12:22 [Naboo] Is there a way to see something moving faster than light? 15:00 [Kamino] Why is the SLS fuel tank orange? 16:30 [Bespin] Could Titan serve as a fuel depot? 18:19 [Mustafar] Would the expansion of the Universe eventually spaghettify all matter? 21:37 [Alderaan] If you rode a space elevator, wouldn't you fall back down? 23:36 [Dagobah] What lasts longer, a red dwarf or a white dwarf? 25:44 [Yavin] Would I like a solution to dark matter or dark energy? 26:41 [Mandalore] Why doesn't the Moon fall down to the Earth? 28:28 [Geonosis] Has anyone actually tried going the speed of light? 29:20 [Corellia]