A Honeymoon In Space

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George Griffith(1857-1906),British, was a prolific and popular "Science Fiction" writer.Many of his visionary stories have been published in major journals before being published as novels. Griffith was extremely popular in the United Kingdom, but he found it difficult to find consensus in the United States, because of his markedly socialist views.Griffith's epic fantasies of romantic utopians in a future war world, dominated by airship battle fleets, and grandiose engineering provided a model for steampunk novels a century before the term was coined.

"A Honeymoon in Space": Lenox, the Earl of Redgrave, has made the greatest scientific discovery in the history of the world: a flying ship with the power to break free of Earth’s gravity and take to the stars.But before he uses it to expand the understanding of humanity in the universe, he has some personal business to deal with, that is to say, to woo an old flame...