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A podcast showcasing inspiring interviews with everyday people who are using their gifts to bring hope to those around them, hosted by Terah Tucker


  • STL #54 - Tabitha Eck/Eugene Mission

    30/07/2019 Duración: 47min

    Tabitha Eck is the Director of Strategic Operations and Resources at the Eugene Mission, a non-profit emergeny shelter and wellness center in Eugene, Oregon. As the homeless population across the US has continued to grow over the last few decades, the Mission is constantly working to help provide support, food, shelter and other necessities to people in the Eugene area who have no other place to go. In this interview, Tabitha shares a heartfelt and insightful perspective on the importance of seeing past the stigma of homelessness and simply reaching out a helping hand to a human being in need.

  • STL #53 - Ron DiCianni

    06/06/2019 Duración: 54min

    Internationally known artist Ron DiCianni is Terah's guest today. Ron has been painting professionally for almost 50 years, and although he has seen much success in the secular world, such as being chosen as the official illustrator for the 1980 Olympics, his passion has always been to use his art to deliver the message of the Gospel. Several of his works have included projects with Max Lucado, Frank Peretti, Michael Card, and most recently, paintings for the upcoming worldwide We Believe Campaign. During this interview, Ron shares his dynamic testimony of God's unmistakable hand on him throughout his life, from his own rescue from abortion, to the powerful ways God has used his art to touch the lives of others in need of hope. Find more of Ron's paintings at or connect with him on Facebook.

  • STL #52 - Frank Mercer/

    22/05/2019 Duración: 12min

    Frank Mercer is a husband, father, pastor, and, most recently, chaplain for the Fayette County, GA, public safety department. Since becoming a chaplain, Frank has answered God’s leading to start a non-profit,, which he now does in addition to being a full-time pastor at Rolling Hills Church in Peachtree City. As a chaplain, Frank’s desire is to bring Jesus into the public safety world, and to be an emotional support to the everyday heroes who are facing heartache, danger, and trauma on a daily basis. Stay connected with Frank at, and on Facebook.

  • STL #51 - Julie Nowacki/ElRod Center

    07/05/2019 Duración: 35min

    Julie Nowacki is one of the co-founders of the ElRod Center in Eugene, OR, a place where kids of all ages can come and learn how to work through difficult emotions using art and other creative outlets in a loving, positive environment. During this interview, Julie chats with Terah about why the ElRod Center came to be, how she and co-founder and licensed counselor Marian Stiegler are using the Center to help strengthen families both spiritually and emotionally, and their vision for its future. If you would like to learn more about the ElRod Center or how you can get involved, check out their website.

  • STL #50 – Kim Stanley

    06/05/2016 Duración: 50min

    It was clear from the time Kim Stanley was young that God had gifted her with a talent for singing, but it wasn’t until her adult years that she truly realized her calling – that of leading people into the presence of God through worship. Since then, she and husband Joe have been sharing their music together all over the world through live concerts and church services, as well as several recorded albums. God has also blessed Kim with a heart to minister to women through her singing and speaking for many years, and recently opened the door for her to release a beautiful solo music project called Reawaken. In this podcast, Kim shares with Terah her inspirational testimony and the stories behind some of the songs on her latest album. To hear more from Kim Stanley, or to learn more about her women’s ministry, go to her official website.

  • STL #49 – Jenny & Tyler

    08/04/2016 Duración: 44min

    The music style of husband and wife duo Jenny & Tyler is a beautiful mix of singer/songwriter and alternative rock, with subtle country undertones.  In their most recent album, titled Of This I’m Sure, the message of love, compassion, and hope in the heartache is delivered with a depth of feeling – yet touched with a certain sweetness – in the perfectly blended vocals that have given them their distinctive sound since they first began making music together.  In this interview with Terah, Jenny and Tyler talk about life on the road with their two little girls, as well as some of their memories and the stories behind the songs on Of This I’m Sure. Check out more about Jenny & Tyler on their website and Facebook. The post STL #49 – Jenny & Tyler appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #48 – Stephen Dennis

    01/04/2016 Duración: 37min

    Atlanta native Stephen Dennis began his musical journey several years ago as a guitarist and singer/songwriter breaking in on the local country music scene.  After a few years of songwriting and worship leading at his church, Stephen’s life took a serious turn when his mom was diagnosed with cancer, and eventually went Home to be with the Lord.  During this time, the song titled “She’s Strong” was birthed, which Stephen wrote and recorded in honor of his mom as he watched her fight her battle with God-given courage and grace.  Although his popularity began growing significantly in the last year as the leader of the Stephen Dennis Band, Stephen has just recently decided to make some changes in his musical focus, which he shares about in detail with Terah during this interview, joined by band member Jasper Joyner. Connect with Stephen on Facebook. Watch “She’s Strong” official music video.     The post STL #48 – Stephen Dennis appear

  • STL #47 – Jess Ray

    18/03/2016 Duración: 46min

    Southern-born folk singer/songwriter Jess Ray is today’s guest on Sounding The Light.  Jess’s music is earthy and organic, with contemplative lyrics that showcase her ability to share deep thoughts and life lessons through song.  Join Terah in the STL studio as Jess discusses her heart and experiences, and talks about the making of her debut album, Pure, as well as her most recent release, Sentimental Creatures. Check out more about Jess Ray at her website. The post STL #47 – Jess Ray appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #46 – Audrey Assad

    11/03/2016 Duración: 39min

    Audrey Assad is a singer/songwriter and internationally acclaimed award-winning music artist.  Her latest release, Inheritance, is a prayerful collection of both hymns and original music, featuring the powerful anthem “Even Unto Death”, which was co-written with Matt Maher.  Throughout this album, Audrey’s signature ethereal vocals glide effortlessly above the beautiful cinematic soundscape of each song, and while most evoke feelings of peace, some are artfully mixed with intermittent rumbles of unexpected underlying tension which reflect the weighty lyrics.  On today’s interview with Terah, Audrey talks about the inspiration behind Inheritance and how she first discovered her love for music, as well as some of the invaluable spiritual truths she has discovered in her walk with God. Buy Inheritance on iTunes. Check out more about Audrey on her website. The post STL #46 – Audrey Assad appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #45 – Jason Barrows

    04/03/2016 Duración: 53min

    As the lead guitarist in Josh Garrels’ band, Jason Barrows has had years of experience as a touring musician and recording artist.  However, with the release of his own project, Islands of My Soul, Jason has given us the privilege of hearing his personal voice and style.  Some of the songs on this album take us on a voyage through sweeping ambient landscapes of synths and reverbed guitar, while others sink us into a quiet pensiveness, and all ultimately come together to tell the beautiful story of redemption.  During this interview with Terah, Jason shares about his faith, how he connected with Josh Garrels, the backstories on some of his songs, and the exciting new project he’s just begun and will be releasing shortly. Find out more about Jason Barrows at his website. Download Islands of My Soul FREE on NoiseTrade. The post STL #45 – Jason Barrows appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #44 – Holly Ann

    19/02/2016 Duración: 46min

    Holly Ann is a Christian alternative music artist from Portland, Oregon, with a beautifully smooth voice and a progressive, unhurried approach to her songs.  Produced by the Deeper Well record label, Holly Ann’s latest album, Light & Bloom, features lyrics that are unapologetically honest, which sometimes seem to hang suspended in a vast musical space supported only by her clear vocals, and other times to be carried confidently in a strong but uncrowded blend of instruments.  During this interview Holly shares her inspiration behind the songs she writes, her experiences with the making of Light & Bloom, and how she first took the musical theater world by storm at the tender age of 6. Download Light & Bloom FREE on Noisetrade Connect with Holly Ann on Facebook The post STL #44 – Holly Ann appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #43 – Whitney Bozarth

    08/01/2016 Duración: 49min

    Whitney Bozarth is a singer/songwriter from Louisville, KY, with a beautiful voice and a knack for the unique in the songs she writes.  Fresh on the recording scene, Whitney just released her debut album, Anchor For My Soul, in October of 2015.  This album is full of beautifully crafted songs performed with a quiet intensity that will hold the listener captive from the beginning of the record to its conclusion.  Having experienced some brokenness early in her own life, Whitney’s desire to use her music to reach those who are hopeless and hurting comes from a genuinely compassionate heart.  In this interview with Terah, Whitney shares some of her songs and experiences, and talks about the making of Anchor For My Soul. Check out more from Whitney at her website. The post STL #43 – Whitney Bozarth appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #42 – Brandon Coker

    04/12/2015 Duración: 59min

    Atlanta native Brandon Coker is an expert drummer and songwriter with an uplifting message and a big heart for people.  His talent with a beat has not only landed him the position of full-time drummer for North Point Community Church for the last several years, but has also given him the opportunity to play concerts nationwide with artists such as Matt Redman, Aaron Shust, and Steve Fee.  Join Terah as she chats with Brandon about his musical journey, and introduces the newly-released “Death Was Arrested”, a powerful worship anthem co-written by him and recorded and produced by North Point InsideOut. The post STL #42 – Brandon Coker appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #41- Pete Chagnon

    27/11/2015 Duración: 35min

    Radio broadcasting is the subject of today’s conversation with guest Pete Chagnon.  Pete is the producer and host of the NewMornings show on 90.7/91.7 NewLife fm, a local Christian radio station out of Griffin, Georgia, as well as a published author of several magazine articles.  Listen in as Pete talks with STL host Terah Tucker about his journey through the world of radio broadcasting, and offers some professional advice on how to be successful in a broadcasting career. The post STL #41- Pete Chagnon appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #40 – Salt Of The Sound

    20/11/2015 Duración: 44min

    Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Salt Of The Sound is made up of husband and wife duo, Ben and Anita Tatlow.  This award-winning band has produced several albums, the most recent being Echoes of Wonder, which released this year.  The music of Salt Of The Sound is subdued and relaxing, using keyboards, soft vocals, and layers of electronic instruments to create a beautifully peaceful soundscape.  Join Terah as she shares some of the songs from Echoes of Wonder and chats with Ben and Anita about their life and musical journey. Check out more from Salt Of The Sound at their website.  You can also watch the award-winning short film, “The Gospel of Jon”, here (Salt Of The Sound won “Best Music” at the 2015 Attic Film Festival for their soundtrack). The post STL #40 – Salt Of The Sound appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #39 – Wild Earth

    13/11/2015 Duración: 43min

    Micah Bentley and Jason Richard make up the Phoenix-based alternative Christian band, Wild Earth.  The music of Wild Earth is unique and experimental, using instrumental layering and expert vocals to create a powerful atmosphere of worship.  Combining lyrics that are gritty yet full of hope with a blend of processed guitars, synths, and a beautifully played cello, each song is a tour de force.  In this podcast, host Terah Tucker talks with Micah and Jason about their life experiences, their musical journey, and their dynamic new release, Orchestrate. Check out more from Wild Earth at, or connect with them on Facebook. The post STL #39 – Wild Earth appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #38 – Brian Scoggin

    30/10/2015 Duración: 44min

    Casting Crowns’ drummer Brian Scoggin is the guest on today’s podcast with Terah Tucker.  Brian, who is also a husband, father, and the music director at Rock Springs Church, has been with Casting Crowns since 2009.  During this interview he shares his humorous memories of his first unofficial gig as a middle school drummer, his experiences with life on the road as a touring musician, and the poignant moment that he fully surrendered to Jesus Christ. The post STL #38 – Brian Scoggin appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #37 – Carson Thaxton

    16/10/2015 Duración: 42min

    Carson Thaxton is a singer/songwriter, composer, husband, father, and the Children’s Director at First United Methodist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia.  Although he is easy-going and frequently known as the resident Funny Guy, his musical talent is no joke, and his songs, beautifully written and performed, are often deep and thought-provoking.  Join Terah and Carson as he shares some of his experiences with growing up as part of a missionary family in the Czech Republic, his thoughts on what it means to be a Christian, as well as some of his original pieces played live in the STL studio. The post STL #37 – Carson Thaxton appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #36 – Noah Cleveland

    25/09/2015 Duración: 40min

    Noah Cleveland, from Atlanta, Georgia, is a devoted husband, father, gifted worship leader, recording artist, and the founder of Be Loud Ministries.  His new album, Church With No Walls, is a powerful call to the Church to unite across denominational lines to be a place where those who are lost can find the love of Jesus.  During this interview, Noah shares about where his love of music came from, some humorous behind-the-scenes of being on tour with his family, and what it was like to work with award-winning songwriters and producers on Church With No Walls. Check out more from Noah Cleveland at his website and on Facebook. The post STL #36 – Noah Cleveland appeared first on Sounding The Light.

  • STL #35 – Ryan Cummings

    18/09/2015 Duración: 40min

    Ryan Cummings is an accomplished classical guitarist and music teacher from Georgia.  Although he is unquestionably skilled at what he does, his talent goes beyond just playing complex notes.  Ryan’s passion for music is infectious, and his execution of each song is truly enchanting.  Listen in as Ryan talks about his life and how he discovered his love for classical guitar, and plays some beautiful pieces live in the STL studio. The post STL #35 – Ryan Cummings appeared first on Sounding The Light.

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