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Yes Minded Power Radio with Barbara Scheidegger, CHt. Tune in each month on Transformation Talk Radio as Host Barbara Scheidegger explores the way to clarity, peace, and how to live a successful life on your terms, by turning negative experiences into positive ones. Barbaras curiosity about the human experience drives her both personally and professionally. As a life coach, author, and renowned clinical hypnotherapist, Barbara knows how to move forward in a natural, organic way without side effects. If you want to grow, be sure to tune in each month to Yes Minded Power Radio!About Barbara - All the way from Switzerland, an ultimate Renaissance woman, BARBARA SCHEIDEGGER, C.Ht., wife, mother, entrepreneur, life coach, author, host, philanthropist, visionary but most importantly, renowned Clinical Hypnotherapist, brings her unique voice to Transformation Talk Radio.Barbaras life philosophy is remarkably mirrored in a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.In true modern day Renaissance fashion, Barbara possesses amazing breakthrough qualities truly transformational, She doesnt do what she does for a living, she does it for a life.


  • See it, Feel it, Taste it, and Live it! with Barbara Scheidegger


    Learn about the journey of Barbara Scheidegger from humble begininings to success to surrender to keeping Up. See it, feel it, taste it, and live it. Get ready for Keeping up with Barbara Scheidegger, joined by Dr. Pat. Healthy living can begin at any stage in your life. You need to have clarity on where you are and where you want to be. Whether you re in your 50 s, 60 s, 70 s, or onward, you can still create beneficial habits that will help on your path to ageless living. The ability to make your life better lives in each and every one of us. Transcend beyond what you believe you can do and find out what you really can do.

  • Now What? What Happened?


    You hit a dead end again. You had the will power all gone. What about the motivation? You can't see yourself continuing what you've started because it's scary it's new. But it would be so good for you. Watch live on Facebook.

  • Making the most of each moment, living in the NOW!


    This episode is about not dwelling on the past: what you should have done, I wish I did that, I could have done this etc. Also, you should not let yourself get stuck in the future - worrying about the future does nothing except bring stress. It is ok to prepare for the future, with goal setting etc. and make ideas today that inspire your growth, your happiness, but do not dwell, that just causes suffering. Living in the moment, keeping your senses open, listening carefully to your heart - this is the best way to a happy life. because one day, you will die, you must live now!

  • Detoxing The Mind, Body and Life!


    Is your mind, body and life (spirit) toxin free? Find out how to address all three to detox your life! Watch live on Facebook.




  • Create your own success!


    Tune in as Barbara shares her personal journey. From growing up in Switzerland to co-founding one of the nations largest and most prestigious watch stores! Barbara's journey was not always an easy one. Like most people, she has gone through challenges to get to where she is now. Find out how your biggest obstacle to success is YOU! How to change it, and how to create a YES MINDED POWER attitutude toward life. Are you ready to make a change now? Barbara is ready to empower you. Watch the live video at

  • Swiss Hypnotherapy: 21 Days to Dynamically Shift Thoughts and Emotions


    Barbara Scheidegger takes you on a journey to discover the hidden power you have to change now and forever using her breakthrough approach-Swiss Hypnotherapy.

  • Introduction to Swiss Hypnotherapy


    Why Swiss Hypnotherapy? Tune-in LIVE on FB and learn the benefits and how Swiss Hypnotherapy can help you move forward!Go to:

  • Freedom From The Victim Syndrome: Change your mind to signal personal power and strength now!


    You can learn and adapt from victim to survivor with The Scheidegger Approach. Imagery and visualization is key - change your mind and change your life! Watch LIVE on Facebook! Go to:

  • Quantum Hypnotherapy: Let It Go, Embrace The New


    When youve tried everything, and everything youve tried has not helped. What do you do? You say Yes to The Scheidegger Approach. The core value and essence of Barbaras breakthrough work is YES I CAN! Tune-in LIVE on Facebook! Go to: