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  • A Classical Conversation with Cody Cosmic

    02/03/2022 Duración: 34min

    This week Shawn and Ryan speak with Cody Cosmic, Executive Director of Friends of WRR. Cody chats about the iconic, 100 year old cultural asset: a radio station that belongs to the City of Dallas. Cody expands on how the Friends of WRR work to ensure the station is available for generations to come.The Friends of WRR is a passionate and thriving community of classical music lovers. For over 40 years, Friends of WRR has collaborated with WRR 101.1 and the Dallas Office of Arts and Culture to ensure that WRR remains a city-owned and independent arts asset and that classical music is a continuous part of the North Texas community.

  • Adam Bazaldua: The Culinary Councilman Chopping It Up

    23/12/2021 Duración: 45min

    Councilman Adam Bazaldua, Chair of Dallas' Quality of Life, Arts and Culture Committee is the guest on this episode. Chairman Bazaldua talks to Ryan and Shawn about his days as a chef and educator, as well as reflections on his first council term. Chairman Bazaldua also looks forward to some of his 2022 priorities.

  • Improving Mobility: DART CEO Nadine Lee Talks Transit

    24/11/2021 Duración: 43min

    The Deconstructing Dallas crew speaks with Nadine Lee this episode, President & Chief Executive Officer of Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). Before coming to DART, Nadine was the Chief of Staff for Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). She also led the development and implementation of the Flatiron Flyer Bus Rapid Transit for Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD).Nadine talks to Ryan and Shawn about . Ryan and Shawn also talk turkey and discuss how they plan to celebrate Thanksgiving.

  • On the Bus with Curt Hazelbaker and The Y

    16/11/2021 Duración: 36min

    This week, Deconstructing Dallas hosts Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble were joined by YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas President/CEO Curt Hazelbaker. Curt, who has been the CEO since 2017, actually began his YMCA career 40 years ago as a day camp counselor. Moving up through the ranks of the organization Curt has a keen understanding of the inner workings of the YMCA and why their services are more important now than ever due to the pandemic. From camp counselor to CEO, Curt discusses the dexterity necessary to stay relevant and the future plans of the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. Visit: and Ryan also discuss a big win for Allyn Media client Village MD:Dallas backs Walgreens’ clinic partner Village Medical for state tax break

  • Cowboys, Corn Dogs and Crime with Chief Eddie Garcia

    21/10/2021 Duración: 45min

    Chief Eddie Garcia stopped by to talk to Allyn Media’s Shawn Williams & Ryan Trimble about what led him to Dallas and what he plans to do now that he’s here. Chief Garcia is Dallas’ first Latino Chief of Police in the department's 140 year history. A Puerto Rican immigrant, Chief Garcia has spent 30 years in law enforcement. From SWAT to VICE and a bit of everything in between, Chief Garcia brings a wealth of experience and explains not only how Dallasites have received him but also what his focus areas are for the city's crime rate. Deeply connected to his Puerto Rican roots, Chief Garcia opens up about how his experiences as an immigrant shaped his idea of what community policing should look like. “Being the head of the community services division was one of the first times I realized that being a police officer was more than just the handcuffs I had on my belt.” - Chief Eddie Garcia

  • Master of Disruption and Basketball: Dr. Eric A. Johnson

    13/10/2021 Duración: 26min

    Dr. Eric A. Johnson, Chief of Economic Development, Housing and Neighborhood Services for the City of Dallas, joins Shawn and Ryan on Deconstructing Dallas.Tune in to hear about Johnson's transition to Dallas (moving here just one week before the COVID-19 shutdown) and why he considers himself a creative disrupter with a competitive spirit. Johnson discusses how Dallas differentiates itself from its neighbors (the good, the bad and what makes us unique) and what the recent census report is telling us. He also speaks on the Southern Dallas tax base and what the recently passed Economic Development Policy means for Dallas. Visit: Email Dr. Johnson:

  • D CEO Mag Recognizes Nonprofit and Corporate Good

    03/09/2021 Duración: 25min

    Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble welcome Christine Perez, Editor of D CEO, on Deconstructing Dallas by way of the MZ Virtual Studios in Cyberspace. From the days of hobby writing as a young girl to winning the 2021 Editorial Excellence Awards, Perez shares her journey in learning from the best in the business in our "can-do" city of Dallas. Founded by the late Wick Allison, Perez talks about what sets D CEO apart from other business magazines, about her experience capturing stories about the people and business of Dallas, their latest round of nonprofit awards, and D CEO's commitment to diversity. And for all you book lovers out there, tune in to hear about D CEO's relaunching of the Big D Reads initiative with Communities Foundation of Texas. Share stories about people and businesses in Dallas making our community better. Email Christine:

  • Alamo History Telling & Myth Busting with Jason Stanford

    27/07/2021 Duración: 35min

    Tune in to hear Shawn and Ryan break things down with Jason Stanford, co-author of New York Times bestselling book, Forget the Alamo. Stanford discusses how he and co-authors Bryan Burrough and Chris Tomlinson came to write this historical piece and the most recent events that led to its flying off library shelves.If you’re still waiting for your copy, Forget the Alamo challenges misconceptions of Texas’s past and the fight for independence aka what all kids in Texas learn in 7th grade history class. On Deconstructing Dallas, myth-buster and history buff Jason Stanford dives into how some of these myths were created and the politics enforcing them, what it means to teach our kids history as good and bad, and the fight that he and Forget the Alamo is a part of today. Sign up for the Experiment Newsletter here: follow Jason Stanford on Twitter: @JasStanford

  • Next Steps to a Hike/Bike Friendly Dallas with The Loop

    22/07/2021 Duración: 35min

    Philip Hiatt Haigh, Executive Director of the Circuit Trail Conservancy (CTC) joins Shawn and Ryan as their first in studio guest since March 2020. Philip explains why Dallas consistently ranks among the least bikeable cities, systemic challenges with transportation, and how active transportation (anything but your car) makes a city more robust. In partnership with the City of Dallas, CTC is soon beginning construction of The Loop, a project connecting already-existent trails in our city to develop a 50-mile loop that links neighborhoods in all four quadrants of the city. So, dust off that spandex and tune in to hear more about safe, reliable, state of the art trails coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  • Former Speaker Joe Straus and moving Texas Forever Forward

    01/07/2021 Duración: 33min

    Former Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Joe Straus talks about his family's political history in Texas and his own entry into politics. He also discusses the decision he and his wife made to join a Black Lives Matters march in the Terrell Hills community of San Antonio. Speaker Straus also talks about his organization Texas Forever Forward and their work to produce better policy outcomes.Ryan and Shawn also revel in recording their first episode together (in person) since March 2021. Bro hugs all around.

  • Jerry Hawkins: Reckoning with the Past and a Case For Equity

    11/06/2021 Duración: 42min

    Jerry Hawkins, Executive Director of Dallas Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (DTRHT) join Ryan and Shawn on this episode. DTRHT is part of a national 14-place initiative by The W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Jerry explains the reckoning that's needed in order address the lingering effects of racism, and discusses some of the historical events that still have an impact on Dallas today. Jerry also tells listeners why a trip to Half Price Books could be a first step towards healing. Jerry on Twitter: @jerryleadsDallas TRHT on Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram:

  • The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing: A Voice From Inside

    25/05/2021 Duración: 40min

    Dale Long grew up in racially turbulent and thoroughly segregated Birmingham, Alabama. He was in the 16th Street Baptist Church the day it was bombed by Ku Klux Klan members, killing Addie Mae Collins, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley and Denise McNair.Dale recalls his memories from the moment the bomb went off and the events that followed, along with other notable memories from his childhood. Long discusses the legacy of racism and how it persists today, the epiphany he had while looking into Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s eyes, his calling to be a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, and so much more.Dale’s Email:

  • Catching up and Keeping up with Lynn McBee

    18/05/2021 Duración: 29min

    Lynn McBee takes the cake as the first ever returning guest on Deconstructing Dallas. From the MZ Studios Virtual Studios in Cyberspace, Shawn and Ryan speak with Lynn McBee - CEO, Board Chair, biochemist, runner, former Dallas Mayoral candidate, philanthropic extraordinaire, among many other worn hats. McBee talks about her role as CEO at Young Women's Preparatory Network and what it means to have a school recognized as the #2 school in the state (15th in the nation). She dives into her latest work at EarthX and the millions of viewers across the globe they're reaching weekly. She discusses For Oak Cliff and their recent move and expansion to the former YMCA. And finally, tune in to hear how McBee believes the philanthropic community has rallied, grown and come together to move Dallas forward this past year.TWEET: @lmcbee4dallasWRITE: WATCH:

  • The Ministry of a Writer with DMN's Ryan Sanders

    13/05/2021 Duración: 30min

    From Christian ministry to recent Editorial Writer at The Dallas Morning News, Ryan Sanders shares his journey and life calling to being a writer. Sanders discusses DMN candidate questionnaires and endorsements, working with the editorial board, and the shifts in content creation during a distant and digital year. Sanders is also author of two books, Unbelievable and Now & Then. And a question for our Dallas listeners: have you voted yet? Be like Shawn, cast a vote and a fishing line! However and wherever you decide, go vote! Keep in touch with our guest, Ryan Sanders: Website: Twitter: @theryansanders... And our hosts, Shawn and Ryan: @rtrimble15@shawnpwilliams

  • Earth X: Films, Festival & Future with Trammell S. Crow

    20/04/2021 Duración: 35min

    Trammell S. Crow joins Shawn and Ryan to talk all things EarthX and the environment on Deconstructing Dallas. Trammell tells how he accidentally planned the largest environmental gathering in the world (because everything's bigger in Texas) and how their one-day event grew into a larger global movement. From the unintended impact of COVID extending their reach to addressing significant environmental news on EarthX TV, Trammell talks about his commitment, and personal EarthX style, to tackling environmental issues. Tune in to EarthX events April 16-25th.

  • Ollie's in the Family: Get to Know DBJ's New Publisher

    30/03/2021 Duración: 33min

    Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble welcome Ollie Chandhok, Market President and Publisher of Dallas Business Journal (DBJ), into the virtual MZ Studios in cyberspace. Ollie dives into data, his views on how the pandemic has changed the way people view news, and that 'Dallas swagger' he's come to love during his time here. As one of the largest business newsrooms in the state of Texas, Ollie discusses his work around diversity, equity and inclusion and what that means for the DBJ. Tune in for conversation with Shawn, Ryan and Ollie about all things Dallas (Business Journal), and some basketball banter. Follow Ollie on Twitter @acbjollieSubscribe and see contact info at

  • The Long and Short of Short Term Rentals

    11/02/2021 Duración: 32min

    From the virtual MZ Studios in cyberspace, Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble visit with Luis Briones, Texas Public Policy and Government Affairs Director at Airbnb. A South Texas native, Briones is now seeing Dallas through the lens of hosts and visitors throughout the city. He speaks on the reality of ‘party homes’ in short term rentals, hotel occupancy tax, and how Airbnb is helping some hosts buy or stay in their homes.After almost a year into the global pandemic, the nature of travel is changing, and Airbnb is prepared for what’s next and is ready to meet people where they are and where they’re yearning to go.In other news, Shawn makes some fun and exciting life announcements. Tune in for life updates and Super Bowl talk with the guys, and to feel inspired to start planning your next COVID-safe getaway. Twitter: @jluisbriones @airbnbMeaningful Travel Report: Airbnb Magazine:

  • Preserving History with Dan Branch

    25/11/2020 Duración: 36min

    From the virtual MZ Studios in cyberspace, Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble catch up with former State Rep. Dan Branch (R-Dallas). Our hosts visit with Rep. Branch on his memories from his first election and the impact of his signature higher education legislation. They also dive into Branch’s work to preserve a critical piece of American history: the site where President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on the tarmac at Dallas Love Field. As the 57th Anniversary of the tragic assassination of President John F. Kennedy approaches, join Shawn and Ryan for their discussion about this important piece of American history, the peaceful transition of power, even in the face of grave tragedy. Guest social media: Twitter: @TexansforDanFacebook: Williams retracing the steps of Lee Harvey Oswald on the streets of Oak Cliff:

  • A Deep Dive on Deep Ellum

    19/11/2020 Duración: 30min

    Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble sit down (in the virtual MZ Studios in cyberspace, that is) with Stephanie Keller Hudiburg, Executive Director of the Deep Ellum Foundation. Tune in to hear Stephanie’s take on all things Deep Ellum - from the district’s rich historical roots in blues and jazz, to the economic powerhouse it has become today with over 400 businesses, to it’s recent recognition of a cultural district. Stephanie discusses how she envisions the district preserving its culture while undergoing large developments. She talks scooters, safety and off-duty police officers, and tells us more how Deep Ellum became a canvas for racial justice to local artists the past few months.Join Shawn and Ryan as they get to know Stepahnie Keller Hudiburg - a recovering political staffer who found her way to Texas - and gain some cool insight into the creative, bustling Deep Ellum that Dallasites know and love.

  • Find Your Fire with Terri Broussard Williams

    09/11/2020 Duración: 42min

    Executive, lobbyist, public speaker, author, and movement maker Terri Broussard Williams joins Ryan Trimble and Shawn Williams on Deconstructing Dallas. If you need an extra jolt of do-good, feel-good influence in 2020, look no further than tuning in with Terri Broussard Williams as she discusses her work of inspiring others to create change and turn moments into movements, shares the values she's inherited from her parents and grandparents, and gives her two cents behind the real reason of why should we be building legacies. Terri tells co-hosts Shawn and Ryan about her sixteen years at American Heart Association, her role in creating smoke-free restaurants in Dallas, what it means to be a lobbyist, writing her first book and why she wears pink into the capital building. To learn more about our guest, visit or follow Terri Broussard Williams on these social platforms: on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn For our readers and future #firestarters out there, Find

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