Sundays With Kaye



Sit down, have some tea, enjoy Sundays with Kaye! Every Sunday, Kaye & her son Travis get together for chats on how to live life more vibrantly, become the best version of yourself and how to be free of suffering. They include personal stories of how these valuable lessons have impacted their lives


  • Father's Day

    19/06/2018 Duración: 39min

    Kaye & Travis discuss what women say about men in the beauty shop! Kaye is a hairstylist, for Father's day she shares her stories of the things women and children who come into her work want from the Fathers and men in their lives. Kaye also talks about what causes marriages to break up, and how to have a happier relationship! Travis gives the male perspective on the pressures men deal with, and who our society conditions men to be from childhood. Travis shares his observations of a family during a couples massage he gave for Father's Day, and the feedback he heard from the Father on how he wants to celebrate his holiday

  • Mother's Day part 2

    13/05/2018 Duración: 01h39min

    Kaye & Travis are joined by Tauna Cannan and the Stiles family, Roy Stiles, Jessie Stiles and Sara Stiles. Tauna Burbage and Roy Stiles are long-time friends of Travis. 2 younger mothers, 2 older mothers & 2 sons giving a variety of background to their favorite memories, challenges and things they've learned being mothers & sons

  • Mother's Day part 1

    13/05/2018 Duración: 59min

    Kaye & Travis share their stories of favorite memories, challenges and things they've learned being mother & son

  • The Dawning of a New Era, part 2 - from the 60's to today

    10/05/2018 Duración: 01h03min

    Kaye & Travis are joined by their first guest Stephen Thomason! Stephen is a good friend of Kaye's, and spiritual leader of Humor Helping Humanity & the Great Laughter project. This is part 2 about the exciting new age we find ourselves in, this time tracing the momentum back to the movements of the 60's & 70's! Kaye shares what life was like in the south in the 50's & her unconventional introduction to Elvis Presley, in a performance on a flatbed truck before he was discovered, and the demonization of rock n' roll. Stephen gives us unique insight to growing up in a censor-heavy England in the 50's, how the new consciousness seeped into his country and his experiences playing in a rock band in the same time & place as the Beatles. Kaye & Stephen go into how they were influenced by this radical period of beatniks, hippies, psychedelics, protests and civil rights. They also talk about how their era led to the free-speech internet age and a desegregated world with equal rights

  • The Dawning of a New Era, part 1

    10/05/2018 Duración: 37min

    Kaye & Travis discuss how the new age is currently bringing about peaceful changes in modern warfare, and a decrease in the public buying into political propaganda against other cultures. They honor the improved while often misunderstood values of millennials, and the trends in our population finally being recognized as a single entity through women's, minority, gay and trans rights, as well as a growing transparency in executive and political corruption. Kaye & Travis contemplate the nature of our planet as a lesson in fear and religion as oppressive, and how this is being transformed in some of the content now entering music, and online media. They also talk about how shifting your focus from the negative to positive, and giving instead of receiving, allows peace into your life, and even made for a successful career for George Lucas, creator of Star Wars

  • When Things Go Wrong

    31/03/2018 Duración: 50min

    Kaye & Travis discuss how to remain calm when things don't go as planned, and how we unconsciously cause the very things we are trying to prevent. They answer the question, "did God create a cruel world?" Kaye & Travis share their related stories of a dangerous situation as a passenger in a car, what should have been a disaster of a day running errands & a priest whose prayers result in a behind-the-wheel accident. They also talk about how to tell the good voice in your head from the bad, the definition of "consciousness," and how to raise your levels of joy, as Travis recently learned at a Wheel of Fortune audition

  • How to Help Others

    31/03/2018 Duración: 53min

    Kaye & Travis discuss why sometimes we have an issue being effective, and how to recognize the mistakes we make, when trying to help friends & family with a challenging time. Kaye shares her related story of how trying to offer loving advice to a client led to an explosive argument. They also talk about the root of all problems, the lessons we can learn from them, your role in transmuting issues for yourself & others, and how we are all connected. Kaye & Travis define the true meaning of the words "light" and "dark," the "end of the world/judgement day" and the "monkey mind"

  • The Joy of the Moment

    31/03/2018 Duración: 50min

    Kaye & Travis discuss why it's important to be in the moment and what keeps us from being present, how to relax into the perfection we were born with, the complications of being a mother, the true definition of prayer, the hypnotic nature of the material universe & our relationship with our creator. Kaye shares her related stories of the power of presence when being confronted with an aggressive sexual advance, a man with a gun & Travis trapped in a car in the desert heat as a child. They also go into practices you can use to experience the joy of the moment