The Killing Ground A gripping psychological thriller, an unputdownable serial killer crime mystery with a shocking twist.

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In the far south a young girl goes missing, lost without trace in the wilderness beyond her remote family cottage. A year later her father disappears in the exact same place . . .

Then nothing. At all. Eventually the years grow over the grief. The decades wear away the questions, life flows past the forgotten tragedy. Until Finn moves into the abandoned home, looking for a fresh start. A place to heal himself far from his old problems. But rebuilding life is complicated by chance encounters and odd occurrences leaving Finn with the growing suspicion that the people here are harboring a terrible, deadly secret. Suspicion turns to obsession the deeper Finn digs while also facing steadily escalating dangers in the here-and-now. Soon Finn's own journey of recovery becomes inextricably linked with his need to unravel the mystery. Past and present finally collide when Finn starts to learn the truth about this place and himself. 

Now he must choose between exoneration and condemnation, justice and vengeance.

*Please Note: This book was originally titled 'Dead Lemons.'

The stunning, crime thriller from award-winning Amazon bestselling author Finn Bell. A must read for fans of Stieg Larsson’s ‘Girl With The Dragon Tatoo’, Jo Nesbo’s ‘The Snowman’ and Robert Bryndza’s ‘Girl In The Water’ . . . This is a dark, graphic pulp thriller – tense amateur sleuth noir set against the backdrop of the unforgiving underworld of organized crime.

What reviewers are saying about THE KILLING GROUND: ‘A highly original, terrific debut’ – Ngaio Marsh Crime Fiction Awards ‘. . . definitely worth reading . . . exudes character . . . a compelling story’ – ‘. . . easy to read, almost impossible to put down” –


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