Restitution An Important Message For The Overcomers

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  • What is restitution?
  • How important is it in the process bringing a sinner to Christ through conversion?
  • What shouldn't be done in the name of restitution?

This audiobook will not only help you to find answers to these questions, but much more to be able to examine your conversion and your life in the light of the Scriptures in their authenticity, through cases of restitution taken both from the Old Testament and New Testaments.

This is a message given to the overcomers to take them to Crete with the wave of the Holy Spirit Movement. There are many today who think that once saved, the believer is free, and that his freedom is so complete that he has no responsibility to terminate with his past.

They think he shouldn't undertake to carry out restitution before those he has offended in the past.

It is a message that prepares the Bride to wait for the Bridegroom without spot or wrinkle.


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