Self-sustainability and self-sufficiency Collection Aquaponics, Beekeeping, Homesteading, Homemade Repellents and Tiny houses. Live from hard work and the gifts of nature. Learn to build your own house and feed from your own livestock and produce.

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The Ultimate Self-sustainability and Self-sufficiency Collection. Get started on Aquaponics, Beekeeping, Homesteading, Homemade Repellents and Tiny houses.

The natural aquaponic system is becoming more and more popular nowadays because of its many benefits. It allows you to save space, time, energy, and even money. Aquaponics is a ground-breaking system that allows people to grow plants by fertilizing them with fish waste water.

There are 140,000 beekeepers in the United States keeping 3.2 million beehives. American beekeepers produced 200 million pounds of honey a year. In addition, honey bees pollinate and make possible many of the fruits and vegetables that make up the American diet. In fact, the annual contribution of honey bees to crop pollination and production is over nine billion dollars. But to tell the truth, these are not the reasons why many beekeepers have kept bees. Most keep bees because they enjoy the outdoors.

Homesteading is the key to financial independence. For some, it was the key to escaping debt and financial problems. You will discover that homesteading is a great source of income for your whole family.

There are many pests, seen/unseen and known/unknown, around us and they can create havoc in our daily lives. Managing these pests has, in fact, been taken on as successful commercial ventures. There are many chemical-based pest control products available in the market. However, many of the chemicals used in them such as DEET which causes eye irritation, blistering, rashes, soreness. Hence The Importance of making your own homemade repellents.

The Tiny House Movement has gone a long way from being a quirky housing trend into an actual way of life for people who are ready to down size their lives for practical reasons.

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