Should Have Known Better

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The perfect boyfriend… or the perfect liar? Should Have Known Better is the tense new psychological thriller by A J McDine.

It's the moment single-mum Kate has been dreading. With her only daughter, Chloe, about to leave home, she's terrified by the prospect of an empty nest. That is until she meets charming lawyer, Adam. He could be the perfect catch – if it wasn't for his clingy son. Because Ben has a crush on Chloe. A crush that is fast becoming an obsession. Flattered by the attention, Chloe is happy to string him along – for now at least. But Kate can see the danger signs, even if her daughter can't. And when Chloe's life begins spiralling out of control, Kate must make a choice - trust her instincts or lose her daughter forever…

“What an exceptional thriller!” - GABI ROSETTI


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