No One I Knew

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No One I Knew is the compulsive new psychological thriller by A J McDine.

Praying her daughter's still alive. Fearing her past is about to take its revenge. When three-year-old Immy vanishes during a family barbecue, her mother, Cleo, imagines the worst. Has she fallen into the river at the end of the garden and drowned? Or is it something even more unthinkable? After all, there's one person with good reason to want to abduct Immy - the woman Cleo thought she'd seen the last of three years ago. With time running out, Cleo sets out to uncover the truth. But as she confronts the demons of her past, it becomes clear everyone has a secret to hide. And the more she digs, the more she realises her carefully constructed life is just an illusion.


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