How the Cowherd Found a Bride

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The shepherd lived in a forest. He always rested at the foot of one tree. One day the tree said to him: “If you pour milk every day at my roots I will grant you a boon.” So the shepherd every day poured milk at the roots of the tree and after some days he saw a crack in the ground. He thought that the roots of the tree cracked the earth, but when the crack was wide enough, he saw a big buried snake. The snake said: "I was closed in the subterranean world, and your kindness has rescued me". Then the snake breathed on his hair which was very long and it became shiny as gold. The snake said that his hair will find him a wife. After a few time, while the shepherd took a bath in the river - one of his hair was dropped into a leaf and wrapped it. This leaf with hair sailed into the princess's arms. She gave an order to her own servants to find the owner of this hair... Would servants find the humble shepherd?