In Motion

A film, television and media podcast led by the postgrads at De Montfort University's Cinema and Television History Research Centre.

Leaders In Motion

Welcome to the Leaders in Motion podcast, hosted by success coach Andres Quintana and Janice Williams. Every week, we talk to successful entrepreneurs, community leaders, and...

Jeff In Motion

This is a podcast recorded by Jeff Kunkel as he drives to work on Monday Mornings, and as he drives home Friday Afternoons. It is expectedly insane and may not be for everyone.

Theology In Motion

Join Steve Zank and Jon Jordening as they host conversations about the theology of Christian worship and how it is relates to practice, design, and culture. The "Theology in...

Poetry In Motion

A book of short stories coupled with contemporary poetry in different forms.

Acts In Motion

ACTS Church Network Helps churches launch churches in the Greater Austin area.

Medicine In Motion

Movement is medicine: From prevention to management in health and disease, physical activity plays a significant role. Tune in for engaging stories on physical activity and...

Wheels In Motion

Carter has been a trailblazer in helping companies achieve their supply chain goals, and we have tailored our services to fit the ever-changing supply chain management needs...

Horses In Motion

Osteopathie, Physiotherapie & Heilpraktikerin für Pferde

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