Choose the Slain

The Lone Valkyrie has an insane evil haunting her dreams...and a sassy goblin helping her during the day. Which is worse? Hard to say.Mila has been trying to pin down the...

Lets Talk Piano With Charley Wyser

In "Let's Talk Piano," we are going to have fun talking about many interesting topics as you continue in your piano adventures.A lot of the topics will be based on questions asked...

Return of the Dwarf King

After years of searching, Finn has finally found the motherload. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get it home. And he’s got to meet John Wayne.Stranded and alone in Denver,...

Triumph of the Dwarf King

A Dwarf, a Dragon, and a Valkyrie walk onto a battlefield. ?The question is, who will get to walk off?Finn and Penny have been here before and it wasn’t pretty. The Dark Star...

Tail-End Charley Stories from an American Fighter Pilot in World War II

On his nineteenth birthday, James E. Brown tries to fake to his flight instructor that he has flown before. On his twenty-first birthday, Brown is on his way home after logging...

Charly O-f

Podcasts del programa dedicado al Deep House "THE REAL DEEP" en HOT101.FM (Girona)Cada Viernes de 15:00 - 16:00 HrsY simultaneamente en


WJR47 Studios' reporter, Bob O'Hare, pieces together the beguiling story that unravels the mysterious and abrupt closure of one of the greatest toy maker manufacturers in history.

Charletas Ciento12

Tu blog y Podcast de ocio tecnologico

Charlas Whovian

Charlas distendidas de fans de Doctor Who sobre capítulos, seriales o actualidad de la serie británica, abierto a cualquier participante a modo de foro donde cualquiera puede...

Charla Entre Viñetas

Intento de Podcast donde comentamos de Cómics, Cine e Incoherencias al maximo.

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