Christian Atheists

You say you believe in God. Do you really? How do you live your life? As if God is in the room, or not paying attention? You call yourself a Christian, but are you really just a...

Christian Text

A Coptic text by early Christians on a fragment of ancient papyrus has been revealed, which makes reference to Jesus having a wife. Jeffrey Brown talks to Smithsonian Magazine's...

Ndulue Christian

I am Dacuzy,a song writer,music producer and a bachelor's degree holder..major in petroleum Engineering.. I am in search of a record label

Christian Mullis

humans are getting weirder and weirder, let's talk about us

Bob Christian

The Ramblings of Author, Poet and Blogger Bob Christian about Love, Life and Aspergers Syndrome

Lci » Christian

A faith based organisation for lifelong learning

Christian Motivation

A motivational podcast that is centered around the Christian Faith with real life examples and others that can be gained as a parallel from nature or the world that we see around...

Christian World

Pastors Jerry and Hope Snider bring messages of hope and love to thousands each week through live services, community involvement and online broadcasts.

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