Colección E. A. Poe

Includes "The Purloined Letter," "A Descent into the Maelstrom" and "The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether"

Misterios (Mysteries)

Six gripping legends with multicultural significance, from ancient to modern times.

Mujeres, memorias, malogros (Women, Memories, Failures

Three stages of a life of dreams and disappointments, connections and separations in an existential world. Argentine-born Glickman lives in New York.

Cuentos insólitos (Strange Stories)

Praised for its imagination, this collection delights with unexpected endings.

El Siglo de Oro: La poesía (Poetry)

Includes critical essays and biographical data within a historical context.

Cuentos de Julio Ramon Ribeyro

This audiobook contains two stories from the collection La palabra del mundo. In the first, "Junta de acreedores", Roberto Delmar faces his creditors, listens to their...

Salud y belleza (Health and Beauty)

Food advice and menu planning for a healthier lifestyle. Skincare and makeup suggestions.

La confesión de Pelino Viera (The Confession of Pelino Viera)

Pelino Viera is convicted of murdering his wife. His confession absurdly involves withcraft but ironically his reasons are understandable.

La carta robada (The Purloined Letter)

An Edgar Allan Poe classic: The Paris chief of police knows the thief, but he is still in a dither: his explanation keeps the reader enthralled.

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