Love and Deborah

Deborah's passions hit new heights after meeting Brian. He arouses in her feelings she had previously been totally unaware of. Then, just as she discovers his secret – he is...

Carmenia En Dallas

Sabemos que te has preguntado mil veces si es verdad que en Dallas había ranchos como los de JR y si de verdad la gente lleva sombreros de cowboy por la calle. Carmenia le cuenta...

Storehouse Dallas

We are a family of love-filled disciples who deeply experience the empowering grace, transforming presence and knowledge of God while we partner with Jesus as kings and priests to...

Eternally Dallas

Building Our Life Together! Ryan and Sherry Dallas discuss overcoming divorce, having a blended family and so much more.

Deconstructing Dallas

Shawn Williams and Ryan Trimble deconstruct politics, government, sports, entertainment current events, all things Dallas and all things Texas. An Allyn Media production.

Dallas Glenn

I'm walking along the last great frontier...trying to build up a Facebook page on a minimal budget by using ads to lesser known markets, curating content that people may want to...

Dallas Strangers

Sitting down with friends and ranting about random stuff. (May or may not be drunk)

Sounds Like Schmidt Noizecast

sonic demos, works in progress, music & sound design experiments from the studio of Jeff Schmidt

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