Abraham Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

This was the first speech given by the newly-elected President of the United States. In an already tense state, Lincoln made the address with the hopes that the discordant South...

The Brotherhood America's Next Great Enemy

The Muslim Brotherhood, or Ikhwan, has engaged in terrorism, assassinations, and anti-Western, anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence for almost a century-yet few Americans realize...

Erick Aguirre Live

Este programa contiene las predicaciones transmitidas en vivo por el hermano Erick Aguirre a través de la radio católica Radio Luz en El Salvador.

Podcast Erick Aguirre

Programa de Radio Luz El Salvador en el que reflexionamos la Palabra de Dios.

ISIS Exposed Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam

Terrorism expert Erick Stakelbeck pulls back the curtain on ISIS, the violent terrorist organization spreading death and hate in the Middle East. The rise of ISIS took the White...


In this timely, provocative, and uplifting journey, the bestselling author of Walking the Bible searches for the man at the heart of the world's three monotheistic religions --...

Siga o Coração - O Guia do Amor Infinito

Era uma vez um mundo governado pelo tempo, no qual falar com O Coração era proibido. Mas há aqueles que são corajosos e questionam as regras inventadas, e um deles é o...


Dreaming to do something big


Welcome to the Abraham podcast, where amazing things happen.

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