Pretending. I've always been good at pretending. Being someone else is easy, and that ability has served me well these last seven months. This time, I've been hired to be the long...


Do you know the 12 months of the year? This illustrated nonfiction book tells young readers what makes August special, including when it is and what holidays it has. Charming...

August Snow

August Snow, an ex-police detective who was fired from the Detroit PD, brought down the entire corrupt department and the mayor with a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. The son of an...

August Sunrise

Industrial heiress, Marigold Bellowes, knows that marriage is just another business transaction. She would, seeing as she’s been pursued by greedy men who only want her...

Podcast August

The sounds will be smooth house, deep tracks between 120-125 BPM

August Heat

William Fryer Harvey (1885-1937) was an English writer of short stories, particularly in the mystery and horror genres. August Heat is one of his best -nown stories. It tells a...

Oma Ernst Stories

Stories from Oma Ernst for her family

Spiel Aber Ernst

Der Podcast für Gamification im deutschsprachigen Raum.

Ask Dr. Ernst

Charlottes News, Weather & Traffic Station

Ernst Des Lebens

Wer kennt das nicht: von klein auf drohen alle Onkel, Tanten und sonstige Anverwandte mit dem bösen "Ernst des Lebens", der ja bald anfangen soll. Man wartet und wartet - und was...

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