J In J Out

Where we talk about our life stories

The Tale D&d

Welcome to The Tale, The new podcast allowing you to join in the mindless wanderings, adventures and side quests of the most brave and dangerous ragtag band of heroes on the...

D&d Adventurer's Log

This is the podcast where we talk about D&D homebrew lore, I tell you some D&D stories, in my Campaign diary or I post D&D like dice generated stories.

Podculture Plays D&d

This is a D&D play podcast featuring the hosts of several different podcasts. The DM is Josh from '2 Brothers Talk Game', with his brother Ethan, then there's Tyler from 'Talking...

D&d&bbq Podcast

We play Dungeons and Dragons with a rotating cast of players in a bar while having a BBQ!

Botched: A D&d Podcast

A group of drunken misfits get together to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons, armed with loose morals and a questionable understanding of the rules.

Kpc Plays D&d

This is the spin-off of the popular podcast Kill Pop Culture. This show is basically just the cast of Kill Pop Culture sitting around playing Dungeons and Dragons with the record...

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