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Pasajero K

Sidonie es una joven periodista que se dirige a La Haya para testificar en el juicio contra Radovan Karadzic, un líder de la antigua Yugoslavia que va a ser juzgado por sus...


Arun and Kartik discuss NBA basketball, how the Washington Redskins frustrate us, crypto, and other topics.

| T O K E O | T O K E O | T O K E O |

Warning: These mix sets contain explicit material that will make you get down dirty on the dance floor and could lead to taking your clothes off Please be advised

Aç?k Mimarl?k

Aç?k Mimarl?k 7 Ocak 2016

Radio K "k Sessions"

From Radio K, the busiest studio in college radio, it's a Radio K "K Session" -- the BEST in-studios hand-picked by us, for you, every month.


Welcome to the K-D podcast where amazing things happen... I dont always say what you want to hear but I'll say whats true to me . Sorry.

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