Bishop Oscar Romero

The story of Oscar Romero is one of transformation, from one born of poverty, to one living comfortably within the system, to one determined to change the system. The story of...

Óscar Romero Saint of Liberation

"[Oscar Romero] constructed peace with the force of love, and gave testimony of his faith in his life." – Pope FrancisA voice for the voiceless and a champion of human rights,...

Oscar, Oscar!

Here we talk Academy Awards and movies all year long! During film awards season, this is definitely the place to discuss it all!


Prim and proper middle school teacher Isabel Montenegro always runs the opposite direction from men like Ramon Romero. A foul-mouthed, uneducated, loose cannon has no place in her...

Néstor Romero

Bienvenidos al podcast de marketing digital y redes sociales. El podcast donde aprenderemos todo sobre los secretos del posicionamiento en buscadores, gestión de redes sociales,...

Wilton Romero

New Music. House, Progressive House, Electro House, Deep House, Tech House, Trance, Hard Style. Este PodCast no se usa para ningun fin comercial es solo para dar a conocer lo...

David Romero

Welcome to the David Romero podcast, where amazing things happen.

Oscar Aguilera

Canal de transformación digital y marketing digital. Para que tu empresa no se quede atrás. Conviértete en una empresa competitiva, ahorra tiempo de producción, costes y sin...

Edgar Gómez Romero

Welcome to the Edgar Gómez Romero podcast, where amazing things happen.

Serena Romero

Welcome to the Serena Romero podcast, where amazing things happen.

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