PhD in Education

The Chapman University School of Educations (SOE) Ph.D. program is intended primarily for individuals seeking a career in higher education or in other research-oriented leadership...

5 Minute Phd

Breaking down awesomely nerdy PhD research into 5 minute brain snacks.


Welcome to the Mark podcast, where amazing things happen.

Museful J-j

This podcast will cover a diverse range of topics from self-improvement, teamwork, business, principles of morality. Even some controversial issues. Will seek to cover these areas...

B. J. Harrison Reads The Mark Of Zorro

Zorro is a mysterious man who always wears a large sombrero and a long black cloak. He covers his face with a black mask with two holes through which his sharp gaze follows...


Studies through the book of Mark.


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Welcome to the O&J sports and logic, comic podcast,

Phds At Work Podcast

A Professional Network for PhDs across Industries

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