“Diligent, detailed, and overpowering. This is not a book of conjecture: It’s one of bootstrap journalism.” —New York magazine The New York Times...

Lightning Rods

'All I want is to be a success. That's all I ask.' Joe fails to sell a single set of the Encyclopedia Britannica in six months. Then he fails to sell a single Electrolux and must...


Welcome to the G-Rod podcast, where amazing things happen.

Rod Barbearia

Podcast by Rodrigo Sipriano

Josh Rod

Welcome to JOSH ROD, where amazing things happen.

Al Rod

Life, World Politics, Gun Miscontrol, and Enlightenment.

Nyfiken Röd

Nyfiken röd är Aktuellt i Politikens podcast. Aktuellt i Politiken är Socialdemokraternas nyhetstidning.

Voting Chapter By Adrian Espinosa

Voting Cover art photo provided by Parker Johnson on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@pkripperprivate

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