Couch Pennies

Two teens talk about this crazy world we live in. With hosts Tristan and Eli to talk about pop culture, and the world around us Cover art photo provided by Jonathan Brinkhorst on...

2 Pennies Podcast

Everyone has 2 cents, we just dont keep ours in our pocket. Worldviews form the way we see things and host BrandonAgape and friends love to have those behind the scenes...

Three Lucky Pennies

Two moms, three adopted children, one fixer-upper, one small business, three dogs, three cats, and one crazy life. The Three Lucky Pennies is the story of our unusual life...

Six Pennies Podcast

Three guys giving their two cents on anything and everything. Suggestions always welcome!

Kenny's 2 Pennies

Kenny Haas takes on the top issues of the week including his Buffalo Bills and Syracuse Orange.

Jenny's Pennies Podcast

Jen Jackson is a Financial Coach, Author, and Speaker. She has a passion to help people win with money. Money touches almost every area of our lives. Jen breaks down personal...

A Mãe E O Filho Da Mãe

Nos contos que compõem o livro A mãe e o filho da mãe, o escritor mineiro Wander Piroli retrata o cotidiano urbano dos anos 1950 e 1960, marcado por uma tensão social que se...

A Mãe

Madame Lerbrt era respeitada pela sociedade local na Europa antiga, por cuidar de crianças abandonadas ou rejeitadas por seus pais adotivos.Em seus aniversários que nunca...

Pennies, Nickels, And Dimes

Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes is a podcast about change. Change in the sense of things effected by time. Things that should change and things that don't change fast enough.

Pennies In The Well

A Podcast by Saturn Darkhope

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