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843: How JWST Sees in Color, Where Is Dark Matter, Did Earth Life Come from Space | Q&A 187



In this week's questions and answers show, I explain how JWST and other telescopes see color, how images from observatories are released to the public, and how much of the sky can JWST see. Also, a bunch of non-Webb questions too. 00:00 Start 01:55 [Tatooine] How does JWST see color? 09:58 [Coruscant] How are astronomical images released to the public? 12:52 [Hoth] How does JWST handle spacedust? 14:48 [Naboo] How is JWST pointed? 16:39 [Kamino] Could dark matter be detected in specific parts of the Universe? 18:52 [Bespin] Is dark matter just a smart guess? 23:10 [Mustafar] Why does Earth have water and the Moon doesn't? 26:09 [Alderaan] Is Panspermia inevitable? 28:28 [Dagobah] Is the Big Bang a past event or is it still happening? 29:43 [Yavin] What's the best telescope to see planets? 31:19 [Mandalore] If we mapped the CMB from Andromeda, would it look different? 33:10 [Geonosis] Why do we see light from long ago, shouldn't it have passed us? 34:49 [Corellia] How can we promote diversity in STEM? Want to